A Little Piece of Home


walks silent and creeps beneath

A change is made.
For Good or bad. There is no turning back.

Regret. It weighs heavy.
I almost fall under the weight.

Sorrow. I’m filled with it.
It almost spills out of me. Must hold it all inside.

Love. I’m told it’s wrong.
But it feels right. It can raise me from perdition.

Trust. It will be my downfall.
But I cannot help but trust.

Fear. It coils in my cut like a snake.
It is posion that I cant seem to escape from.

I am fading.
I’m becoming somthing I swore I never would.

I can’t keep my promises.
My happiness no longer matters.
I’m fading.
I see the dead around me. Sighing in lament.
She is strong and I’m fading.
I’m breaking, I can’t save myself.
But I can save them.
I’m fading…..

A light in the percing darkness…Bright and powerful as the sun and it saves me.
I gain true hope, I gain faith, I gain justice.

A dream within a dream within a dream…It glows a heathy blue and it saves me.
I gain compassion, I gain perspective, I gain outlook.

Darkness once feared… now flying on white wings and it saves me.
I gain understanding, I gain empathy, I gain trust.

The moon shines bright…sturdy and loyal and it saves me.
I gain strength, I gain wisdom, I gain companionship.

A passion once young and naive…now maybe ruined but it still saves me.
I gain caring, I gain loyalty, I gain love.

This compasion will destroy me. Yet I linger like a moth to flame and won’t turn away.
If this is destruction…let me be beside them when I fall.

I’m no longer fading.


allyster SergeiBraginski

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