A Little Piece of Home

Data Log 05

{Background system override}

>> Active Systems:

<< Sensor Array
.Aim-Calibrations Sensors
.Dedicated Harmonic Targeting
.Optical Enhancement
..Microscopic Lens
..Telescopic Lens
..Motion Tracking Targeting Glance
..Crossphase Scanners
..Light-Intensification Filters
..Flash Shutters
<< Defense and Operational Systems
.Omnitool Implant
.Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier
.Transcendent Multimodal Artifact Matrix
..Adamant Sky Cutter

>> Active Processes:


>> Deactivate Emotion.db

<< Unable to comply. This process is active and cannot be interrupted.

>> Override

<< Unable to comply. Emotion.db remains active.

>> Create Logfile005.txt

{Logfile opening… Please wait.}

I am unable to deactivate the malfunctioning {Emotion.db} subsystem. Overrides are not working. It has caused an override to my Threat-Assessment and Decision-Making subsystems. I must find a way to reconcile this issue or risk being overcome with unwanted emotional responses.

Recent events have shown that these responses have led to feelings registered as Guilt, Regret, and Sadness {Ref: Emotion.db: Guilt,Regret,Sadness,Loss} I shall log in further detail here in the event that further diagnostic tools and/or system restoration becomes available at a later date.

We have been in the Shadow Land for many days now, staying in the town that was once known as White Blossom. It has triggered a restored memory fragment. It is one I wish I could now forget, according to Emotion.db.

In the First Age, my original assembly and I apparently worked for the Yellow King in cleansing this village of a plague that had taken hold of it. We were told to eradicate all of the citizens. My assembly carried this out with extreme prejudice, except for myself. I had befriended a man, Fen, who I later was forced to betray as the village was culled. Regret. It cripples me as I think back. Sadness. It makes me weak. I must ignore this and—

I cannot ignore it. It overwhelms me to think of it.

{System Idle…}
{Warning minor Ocular Fluid leak detected}
>> Override Ocular Fluid Leak
<< Compliance.
{System Idle ends, total duration 3:27}

It appears the adage of history repeating itself has manifested here. I find myself in this same village with an assembly again while the village is in the grip of seemingly the same plague, but now stronger, more potent, able to affect the dead as well as the living. Taki has been hard at work to heal the sick, and he seems to be successful thus far, as Serenity was never able or willing to do. Basou Marou has been very helpful in finding a necessary herb to aid in the healing, though I must admit, I have not seen as much of him as I would like. {Emotion.db has triggered a response: Desire, Fondness}

Ash and I have been working together to investigate why this plague has returned, though Ash was only just notified by me that this is a recurrence, and not the first time these people have suffered in my presence. Our investigations led us to find Bitter Fen outside the village limits. I was certain that Fen had perished in the culling of the village in the first age. In the Shadow Lands he has endured and cultivated his {hatred} for me and my original assembly.

I can scarcely blame him. I have decided to do all in my power to make his afterlife easier for him than his life was.

As it turns out he has a working antibody to the plague. With a lot of convincing, he has been working with Taki to aid the sick, and is the reluctant hero of the village. I am {glad} he is still able to put aside his hatred and mistrust to save his town.

We will complete our investigation and move onwards on our quest. I now find I have a connection to the events unfolding around me, and a responsibility {Ref: regret,desire} to make things right as I was never able to.

I must do this, for Iahzir. He put me here to right this wrong. I know this now. I must bring Justice and recompense for the wrongs I witnessed so long ago to these people, but seemingly yesterday for me.


allyster Rykael

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