A Little Piece of Home

Data log of Dream Part 6

We have been staying in the town of Hollow these last few nights, trying to track down Basou Marou’s missing somata, Malachite. Infuriatingly, he has been well hidden, if in fact he is even in the city.

My travels brought me to Bitter Orchid, owner of the Brothel of the Mind, and host to a party following the annual tournament that we had arrived in town for. Bitter Orchid was looking for missing party paraphernalia, some of which matched my initial expectation of the food required to keep to somata well fed while it was kept in the city.

My research led me to track down the whereabouts of a assistant quartermaster living in a nearby district, but the trail ran cold.

I visited the Brothel of the Mind with our new part member, Maladen and Taki. We were entertained by two courtesans, Fall from Grace and Sapphire Snow. We learned a bit of how the brothel worked, and I was able to identify later that the documents regarding Fall from Grace were forged or tampered with, and she is not who she claims to be. I pointed the impropriety to Bitter Orchid’s assistant, Rue, and moved on to pursue other leads.

Sambar and I visited the Gauntlet Meeting House int he Capital District, which we were able to identify is the location of a meeting of Death Knights. Ash has shown an interest i this meeting and has been conversing at some length with many death knights as they have come into town, including the Confessor, who had joined us at Black Blossom. Sambar and I found evidence of a planned assassination. Discussion with Ash revealed that she may in fact be the suspect in this attempt at suicide.

{Analysis: Cross Reference: DeathKnight.db SheWhoFliesOnTheAshBornWingsOfDecay.db}
{Probability of success at assassination of a death knight at this meeting: 92%}
{Probability of successful escape from remaining Death Knights in attendance: 51%}
{Probability of successful escape by entire party from Hollow with somata: 0.01%}
{Conclusion: Unacceptable Risk}

I can not allow Ash to complete this assassination plot, if it is in fact her trying to commit it.

I was then called to watch the tournament. Basou Marou, Ash and Sambar had all signed up as participants. It is my right and privilege as their assembly mates to watch and review their combat prowess.

Ash and Sambar performed admirably. As did Basou Marou. But, as stubborn as he can be, became far too exhausted by the time he came up against Sambar in the lists. I was expecting one of them to take a bow, but Basou Marou does not back down from a fight. Ever. He fought valiantly, but in time, he succumbed to his injuries and Sambar was able to defeat him.

Ash won the tournament, which earned her a fair amount of Jade and some level of fame for winning, which has been most useful in acquiring formal attire for Bitter Orchid’s party later tonight. I write this now from our rooms while Tkai looks over Basou Marou and his injuries. Wait, here came Tahmin, she’s saying something is wrong with Taki…


allyster Rykael

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