Blessed Lotus

A mystery wrapped in an enigma chocolate-coated with destiny.


Lotus is a striking and svelte master of the martial arts, who decides who she will train seemingly at random.

Lotus is a middle-aged and rather superstitious midwife in the small village of Jonquil working desperately to save the people from a plague of mysterious origins.

Lotus is a young blind street urchin of indeterminate sex who never wears shoes and always carries a butterfly in a cage around her neck.

Lotus is a beautiful young woman with dark red hair tumbling down her back and twinkling green eyes that always seem to be hiding something in their star-spangled depths.

Lotus is a disheveled young man with a predatory grin and roaming eyes that you really shouldn’t accept drinks from.

Lotus is [information censored per order of the Maiden of Secrets]


Blessed Lotus

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