Elk-Totem Lunar with Smashy Smashy Powers


Sambar is a tall man of Northern stock, with shaggy brown hair and barely-reined-in stubble that does nothing to hide his strong jaw. Heavily muscled and handsome, Sambar is at home in the cold and rarely wears more than a kilt and a cloak to shelter himself from the elements. The kilt is a choice of convenience; his Lunar Tell is heavily muscled elk legs, making shoes impossible for him. His body is covered with moonsilver tattoos; several fulfilled oath scars mark his chest and arms. Also of interest are his hands, cleverly tattooed to highlight and strengthen his already strong fingers, forming living gauntlets of moonsilver fused permanently to his hands and forearms. To hide this, Sambar often wears a pair of simple leather gauntlets that mask most of the moonsilver.

As a Full Moon Lunar, Sambar gains most of his strength from the full moon. He is an expert in Lunar Hero Style martial arts, as well as several shapeshifting Knacks and useful Charms for his line of work as a Silver Pact Hunter. Though normally quiet, he is not shy; his taciturn nature is a habit borne of many long hours alone walking Creation, and he falls back into the silent contemplation whenever he travels.

Though he looks to be in his mid-twenties, Sambar is actually 76. Most would say he’s aged rather well.



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