The grumpy guy with a spear


Sorrel is a few inches over six feet, with a muscular build from years of working as both a laborer and a legionnaire. His blonde hair is long and shaggy; he ties it back to keep it out of his eyes. Both his manner and his features lend much to his ability to blend into a crowd without even trying – if you aren’t looking for him, you probably won’t notice him.

In manner, Sorrel is gruff and taciturn, not likely to make small talk or strike up a conversation without prompting. Once he does open up, though, one is likely to find a kind and gentle young man with a long and interesting past, who doesn’t blend into the crowd so easily after all.


Sorrel was born 24 years ago in a small farming village in the Northeast. Life was rather uneventful for him until his father announced he’d arranged a marriage for Sorrel that would gain them the fertile fields to the south of the family holdings.

Sorrel, unwilling to go through with the marriage, decided to leave.

He spent a year making his way toward Nexus, earning money as a laborer and woodsman before joining a mercenary company. Within that he found a job apprenticed to the company blacksmith, learning the art of both building and repairing weapons and armor, as well as building up his own modest hand-to-hand skills during skirmishes. He left the company with modest savings and excellent skills, and struck out to find work, as well as hopefully buying a small parcel of land or offering his smithing skills to a village in need.

As luck would have it, he signed on as a guard with a traveling band of entertainers mere weeks before a pair of Solar Exalts crossed their path, and he’s been on the ride of his life ever since.


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