Still Waters

Basou Marou's Mysterious Mentor


Still Waters is a elderly man, clearly of Realm descent, with long white hair and an equally long beard, a pipe and a rice-picker hat, and robes in various shades of yellow. His eyes twinkle with hidden depths, and his soft-moving gait suggests hidden strength in his old bones, though to most people he appears to be nothing more than a riddle-spouting old man with a fondness for tea.

When roused, though, Still Waters produces a slim silver sword from somewhere within his voluminous robes and executes a series of gravity-and-reality-defying martial arts katas, each form flowing into another until his opponents are unsure of whether they are fighting a man or a force of nature.

Basou Marou has never bested his master in battle.


Not much is known about Still Waters, except that he always shows up in the most unlikely places and seems to be able to both drink tea and kick your butt with kung-fu at the same time. He speaks in riddles and koans, and often gives away strange magical artifacts that are either very useful or extremely pointless.

Ask him what he is and his eyes will just twinkle harder.

Still Waters

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