Ta Min

An Air Aspect Outcaste Ninja Who Isn't That Good At Her Job


Ta Min is a young Dragonblood of the Aspect of Air, who was born and raised in the Threshold away from her Dynastic cousins. Because of this, most people find her unrefined, flighty, and generally not your typical cerebrally inclined Air Aspect; however, those that get to know her find that she has a capable mind despite her lack of attention span, and she is almost always one step ahead of her enemies, no matter how much she looks like she isn’t paying any attention.

Ta Min is short, with pale skin that tends toward a bluish caste, and platinum white hair (cut in a messy pageboy) that sometimes also reflects ice-blue in the light. She has bright blue eyes that twinkle with mischief. Normally, she dresses in bright blues and whites, furthering the impression of her as a young and distracted girl; when “working,” she wears dark blues and greys to better blend in with the shadows, as her job as an infiltrator and spy requires.

Ta Min’s sifu is none other than Still Waters, a fact that she and Basou Marou gleefully celebrate together.


Ta Min

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