House Rules

General Rules

  • Exalted resonate with their particular times of day/month/year. More on this particular thing in each section.


  • Solars (and Abyssals) know when their particular caste time is upon them; i.e., Dawns have no trouble waking up to greet the sun, and zeniths always know when the sun has reached its peak. Conversely, Dusks know when the sun is setting down to the second, and Midnight Castes are most awake when the night has reached its darkest.


  • Lunars resonate with their phase of the moon. Full moons automatically know when the moon has entered its full phase, and No Moons the same when it wanes to new. Oddly, Changing moons tend to resonate with the original caste they most identify with.
  • Casteless Lunars always produce beastmen as a result of mating with humans. This is due to the flux of their Essence and inability to entirely control it.


  • Dragonbloods are always aware of the seasons and the equinoxes/solstices that happen. All resonate with Calibration.


  • Sidereals resonate with the rising of their patron’s constellations. They always know which sign is prominent, even if it is not of their House, and know intuitively when a constellation of their particular House rises above the horizon.
  • It is possible for Sidereals to learn how to use fate to effect the dead and the Underworld. To do so, they must first spend time studying the Calendar of Setesh and the stars of the underworld. Doing so puts them out of alignment with Creation’s stars, however, and only by meditating on Creation’s Fate can they realign themselves.


  • Alchemicals are completely different from canon. To start with, there were six prototype Champions created during the First Age, before Autochthon left Creation for Elsewhere. These prototypes elected to stay behind with their engineer, who was a Solar of the Twilight caste that pioneered the soulgem technology.

Abyssals (and the Underworld)

  • Not all Deathlords are the ghosts of Solar lords.

House Rules

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