Jonquil is a small riverside town in the Scavenger Lands, about a week’s journey south of Nexus along the Lace and Paper Way. Normally, it is both a trading post and a gateway to the rolling savannahs of the South. Boasting rich farmland to the river’s south and a pleasant and hardworking citizenry, Jonquil is a frequent stop on many caravans’ journeys between Nexus and Chiaroscuro.

Or it was, until the river flooded and the plague hit.

It’s no surprise that the two were related. The plague is clearly of a supernatural origin – only the skill of the local midwife, Carmine, helped relieve any of the symptoms. On top of that, the village priestess, Glance Pleases the Child went missing after attempting to commune with Flickering Current, the god of the river. In the meantime, the flood waters forced the people of Jonquil to flee to the nearest hill, where they set up a paltry camp and tried desperately to survive against the elements.

Luckily, Cathak Taki and Basou Marou arrived in time to save the village. After cutting down the bandits that had been preying on the villagers and securing both the freedom of the priestess Glance and the return of the river god Flickering Current, however, they returned just in time to save the village from a demonic invasion and ride off with the good wishes of the people in their ears.

The fate of Jonquil, however, remains to be seen.

The People of Jonquil

Glance Pleases the Child, a young priestess of the river god Flickering Current.
Jade Dragonfly, the eldest of the village elders and a wise man.
Carmine, the village midwife, who turned out to be Blessed Lotus in disguise.
Qadan, a young woman of the village who suffered terribly at the hands of the bandits


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