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A Little Piece of Home is the story of two Solars, an Abyssal, a Lunar, an Alchemical, a Dragon-blood, and a grumpy guy with a spear just trying to survive in a world that seems intent on killing them (or at least making their lives very difficult).

The Story

Places We’ve Destroyed Visited
The Temple of the Dancing Maiden
The Temple of Flickering Current
Fortune’s Glory
The Moon-Bright Maze and Lunar Meeting Grounds
South Sparrow
Great Forks
The Tomb of the Alchemicals
The Floating Isle of Fao Min
The Freehold of Oul of Many Lives
The Underworld
Black Blossom
The Manse of Faheem Sky-Watcher
Old Hollow
The Cathak Legion Camp
The Seven-Fold Path
Carcosa, the City of Words

People We’ve Killed Met
Linden’s Caravan and Traveling Circus
The People of Jonquil
The Sun-Scarred, a group of bandits working for a mysterious benefactor
Flickering Current, God of the Jonquil River
Blessed Lotus, Chosen of Secrets
Still Waters Basou Marou’s mysterious mentor
The People of Fortune’s Glory
The Eastern Lunars
The Most Faithful Mirror and The Violet Harbinger of Horrors Best Unknown, Deathknights of the Walker in Darkness
Crow and Bounteous Sage of the Noble Herd
The Flowers of Narciss’ Garden
The Wyld Hunt
Adi of Abalone, a Zenith priestess and healer; her companion Rajik and her son Bright Arrow
Dark Smoke Puncher Black Ice Shadow, Chosen of Endings
A Balm to Soothe the Weeping, God of Salves and Poultices
Malachite of the Noble Herd
Washi, God of Lost Writings, the Folded God
K’Saryan, First Maiden of Baijin and Washi’s guest
Eshva, Demon-Blooded Mask Maker
Sagacious Jade, a Twilight Caste geomancer and sorcerer; his student Yelin Green-and-Golden, a No Moon Lunar, and his companion Fao Min, a lesser Elemental Dragon of Air.
Oul of Many Lives, a Raksha noble
Custer, a goblin general
Jagged Fel, Cataphractoi of Oul
Tempestuous Soul Deadly Death Crane, a young Ghost-blood and deathknight wannabe
Bitter Fen, a ghostly hermit
The Confessor of Undisclosed Desires, a deathknight sworn to the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears
The Servant of Unbound Memory, a deathknight sworn to the Fourteenth Lord
Feheem Sky-Watcher, Twilight Caste, and his servant Sahan, a pattern spider
The Courtesans of The Brothel of the Mind
The Unwelcome Mourner at the Gate, a Midnight Caste Abyssal
The Lady of the Lily Maze, a Daybreak Cast Abyssal
The Shroud of Virtue Hung to Mask a Stigma, a Midnight Caste Abyssal
The Shadow Just Behind, a Day Caste Abyssal
The Herald of the Day of Reckoning, A Dusk Caste Abyssal
Wistful Sigh Shrouded in Mist, an Exalt of unknown caste
Seven Words Told to Sate the Darkness, a renegade Abyssal
Shoat of the Mire, A Dusk Caste Abyssal (also known as Cat of the Canals)
Flawless Dirge, a ghostly Dragon-Blood responsible for the party’s predicament in the city
The Crew of The Daimyo of the Hidden Sea, Maladen’s ship
The Sidereal Strike Squad, sent by Blessed Lotus to help the party sneak into the Legion camp
Cathak Herren, Cathak Misho and Cathak Camran, prominent members of the 11th and 14th Cathak Legions stationed near Carcosa
Hixcaryana, Fetich Soul of Carcosa and Hope, his half-caste son with Tlaloc
Obliquely Transingular Recombinatrix, a Vitriol Caste Alchemical
The Ashen Emperor of Neglect Languid Upon His Blighted Throne, the Deathlord formerly known as Tlaloc
Cassilda, the Lady in Yellow, Infernal Exalt and self-proclaimed Bride of Malfeas

Stuff We’ve Stolen Found
Bulb of the Lotus Tea
The Saffron Sash
The Spear of the Crimson Panoply Cloak Pin
The Rock
The Graces of Jagged Fel and his Fair Folk retainers
The Hearthstone of Carcosa

Memories of the First Age
The City of Carcosa and its environs.
The Jasmine Circle:
Alder, a Twilight; her husband and Lunar Mate Crane and Heaven’s Father of the Full Moon
Iahzir, a young Twilight
Moancha Tlaloc, an Eclipse
Blessing of Hollow, a Night Caste
Senada, a Dawn; his lieutenants Paavel, Marlin, and Pale Flower
Hymn of the Poplar, a Zenith

Gracious Dismissal, an assassin
Hixcaryana, a Primordial Fetich Soul

The Assembly of Alchemicals
Shifting Prana of Enlightenment, a Moonsilver Caste Alchemical
Puissant Khesar, an Orichalcum Caste Alchemical
Swiftly Shattering Arrow, a Jade Caste Alchemical
Eyeless Iron Tiger, a Soulsteel Caste Alchemical
Serenity in Silence, a Starmetal Caste Alchemical

The Party


Scrolls of the Legend Bearers

Behind the Scenes

House Rules
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