The Ashen Emperor

The Decayed, the King in Apathy, the Fourteenth Lord

The Ashen Emperor of Neglect Languid Upon His Blighted Throne is different among his fellow deathlords, in that he concerns himself more with the downfall of his fellow deathlords rather than the plunging of Creation into Oblivion. His Neverborn Master, the Rimless Wheel, is a figure steeped in much mystery as well, as the Ashen Emperor is the Wheel’s only Deathlord servant and does not appear to exercise his will as often as some other Neverborn do.

Currently, the Ashen Emperor controls a vast network of spies across the Eastern portion of Creation, with several working in and around the Blessed Isle. His stronghold, the Mastaba of Lethargy, is located in the dark Underworld jungles of the Southeast, and he allows no visitors that are not under his command to see his crumbling ziggurat of a manse.

The Deathknight She Who Flies On The Ash Born Wings Of Decay is the Emperor’s left hand, though her absence from the presence of her lord has been noted by some of his more ambitious servants.

The Ashen Emperor

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