The Eastern Lunars

The Lunars of the East held a moot on the grounds of the Moon-Bright Maze, to welcome the newest member of their brotherhood, Song of the Hearth. Also coming along for the ride were the PCs, Hearth’s wife and two children, and their friend/ward Saffron, her leg wound freshly healed to the point of her being able to dance once again.

Important attendees of the moot were three Elders: The cheerful and joking Racer, a Changing Moon horse-totem with a penchant for jokes and the ladies; the aptly-named Unyielding Stone, a Full Moon tuttle-totem who spent most of his time frowning disapprovingly on the non-Lunars in the party; and Rain and Feather Prince, a No Moon pigeon-totem whose haughty attitude didn’t earn him many friends amongst the party.

Other Lunars at the meet:

  • Thunderous Leap, a kangaroo-totem Changing Moon and one of Sambar’s brawling students. She has a bad habit of hopping in place even out of spirit form, which can get distracting. Notable for giving Basou Marou a run for his money when they brawled.
  • The rest of Thunderous Leap’s circle, which included Rat Hunter, a jackel-totem Changing Moon; Nine Claws, an ocelot-totem Full Moon; Areyano, the studious parrot-totem Changing Moon; and Pritha, a moth-totem No Moon who was saved from death by Taki during the nighttime attack on the Lunars.
  • Rides-the-Wind, a hawk-totem Changing Moon who is notable for being the first Lunar to greet the party at the edges of the camp. His spark was passed on when he died defending Rain and Feather Prince’s compound from the undead.
  • Shinoyo, a swan-totem Lunar who gave the party their next goal – find the floating manse where he recently escorted his sister in Luna, Yelin Green-and-Golden, who happened to be carrying a necklace or amulet that carried the taint of Death on it.

The Eastern Lunars

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