The Garden

The Garden is a house of pleasure located in the riverside town of South Sparrow. Well-known for its courtesans and entertainers, as well as the beautiful gardens surrounding the grounds, the Garden is a place where the rich and the witty can find companionship for a night or a month, provided they can pay the often exorbitant prices.

The Garden is owned by the enigmatic Master Narciss, a man rarely seen within or without the confines of the grounds. His two assistants and head courtesans, the gentle Rue and the reserved Zephyranth, run the day-to-day aspects of the business. They defer to Narciss’ better judgement, or say they do, and no one questions any further.

The building itself is a manse, built over a small Fire demense, and stays a comfortable temperature no matter what season and the weather. The warmth helps the building’s sizable garden grow year-round, and lets the workers wear gauzy robes despite the winter seasons.

Flowers of the Garden

Rue is a young woman with long, curly dark hair that wears mostly simple robes in red and white. She is one of the first courtesans trained at the garden, and functions as the Garden’s mother figure. Well-trained in both entertainment and business, she is one of the backbones of the Garden.

Bellis is one of the Garden’s famous courtesans, a dark beauty with almost Fae-like features. Haughty and proud, Bellis treats most everyone at the Garden with thinly-veiled contempt, only putting on her coquettish face for the customers. Most recently, Bellis was involved in an altercation between two members of the Wyld Hunt, Mnemon Ziskind and Cathak Serrik. The fight ended up with Ziskind dead at Serrik’s hand. Bellis is ambivalent about the outcome.

Columbine is a young acolyte at the Garden, who is training for a full position as a courtesan. A pleasant and friendly girl, she makes friends easily, and is an accomplished musician.

The Garden

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