The Sidereal Strike Squad

This squad is made up of four Sidereals and a familiar half-caste, Sorrel. The members are as follows:

Triumphant Fox
A tall and very handsome Chosen of Battles with messy red hair and lithe musculature, Triumphant Fox wears crimson armor and carries a thin-bladed starmetal glaive. He is effortless and perfect in his dress and manner, with scarlet eyes that betray a much darker soul behind the charming smile and easygoing humor. He and Sorrel appear to be good friends.

Summer Rain
To say Summer Rain is shy is a gross understatement. With androgynous good looks and saffron-colored robes hiding an awkward yet proficient posture, this Chosen of Journeys spends most of the time spilling water and blushing furiously, especially in the presence of handsome strangers.

A small and conservatively dressed woman who appears to be some sort of recently-cloistered nun, Xan-Min is the group’s sorcerer and destiny-weaving specialist. With her hair covered in a wimple and every inch of her body covered by pale green silk, Xan-Min takes her position as moral center and Chosen of Secrets rather seriously.

Evasive Thorn
A morbidly cheerful Chosen of Endings, Evasive Thorn doesn’t quite get that his hilarious black humor is often more disturbing than funny to strangers. With blonde hair and lavender eyes set in a youthful, grinning face, Evasive Thorn doesn’t look the part of a trained killer until you catch sight of the numerous scars traced all over his body. He spends most of his time practicing with his soulsteel knives, a gift from another Chosen of Endings given in payment for services rendered.

The Sidereal Strike Squad

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