The Wyld Hunt

Tepet Chier is an Air Aspect, master of the wind-fire wheels and leader of the Hunt. Something of a zealot, she fights against the Anathema with fury usually reserved for Fire Aspects. She met her end in South Sparrow fighting Basou Marou on a rooftop. Her body’s whereabouts are unknown.

Nellins Corlit is a Water Aspect and a sorcerer, Chier’s lieutenant and sometimes lover. He is somewhat soft-spoken, having grown up in a house that undervalues his Chosen status, but found his place in the Wyld Hunt. He is also something of a coward, though his sorcererous powers are prodigious for one of his age. He barely escaped with his life, managing to spirit Serrik away with the last of his Essence.

Sesus Magel Emanchten is a Wood Aspected archer, who acts as the scout and communications officer of the brotherhood. He is calm and collected, though that didn’t save him from a vicious attack by Basou Marou and a follow-up attack by Ash that left him bleeding out on the pavement below his rooftop perch. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Mnemon Katar is a Earth Aspected Immaculate monk, a found egg that was adopted by house Mnemon after showing prodigious skill in both martial arts and Essence manipulation. After graduating from the Cloister of Wisdom, she opted to join the Wyld Hunt, in hopes of both destroying Anathema and soothing those mortals caught in the aftermath of the battles. She survived an attack from Ash, only to be burnt alive and left for dead. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Cakthak Serrik is a Fire Aspect and a highly-trained fighter for both his house and for the Wyld Hunt. He also happens to be Taki’s older brother. He managed to escape with only a scratch on his cheekbone thanks to Corlit’s well-timed spell.

Mnemon Ziskind was a Wood Aspect and a member of the brotherhood, until Serrik killed him in a duel over one of the flowers at the Garden. He will be sorely missed.

The Wyld Hunt

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