Welcome to A Little Piece of Home, an Exalted game of justice, death, and awkward romance.

The Main Page is the best place to learn about all the things our heroes have met, conversed with, and left a pile of smoldering embers in their wake. You can read more about these heroic adventurers here, at their character pages, and also in the Adventure Log.

If you are new to the game, or are interested in some behind-the-scenes things, feel free to check out our House Rules and Inspirations, or take a look at the Resources I use to plan the sessions.

Questions and comments are greatly appreciated :)


  • the Main Page has been updated to bring us current with our last session, though I haven’t had time to fill in all the pages with info. If anyone has anything to contribute or would like to add anything on their own, feel free! Please check with me before posting anything that could be spoiler-iffic or something that could be considered non-canon ;)
  • The list of NPCs we’ve encountered has also been updated with a general list of NPCs, though not with descriptions for all of them.
  • I am also searching for pictures to use for the NPCs we’ve run across – if you have any suggestions, let me know!

A Little Piece of Home

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