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Data log 04

Reconciliation of Emotion.db

{Decompiling Emotion.db  Please wait.}
>> Create Logfile004.txt
{Logfile opening… Please wait.}
I am currently decompiling my Emotion.db as it appears to have surfaced several bad sectors and caused irrational responses to a situation that defies logical explanations.  Once I have scanned it for further errors I may bring it back online.
We returned the Smiling Boy to Uol of Many Lives, The lord of a particular Wild Zone we must access to reach the Shadowlands, continuing our quest to find this hidden city as charged by Blessed Lotus, whom I still can not bring myself to trust implicitly as the others do.
Uol charged us with resolving an outstanding dispute as payment for passage through his lands.  We agreed, and were presented with a battlefield with a single old goblin, a General Custer, versus an army of other goblins.  We were to assist Custer with winning the battle.
{Error found in Emotion.db; potential “Care”/“Love” paradox found.  Attempting reconciliation…}
I was advised by Cathak Taki that when one cares for another, you must keep them close.  I decided to put this theory to practice by remaining close to Basou Marou while he slept on the evening before the battle.  This caused an unanticipated reaction in Basou Marou however, and requires further analysis.
The battle itself was difficult to describe, as many of what we encountered defied explanation. 
{Emotion.db has encountered and error; “Amusement” = “Fun” reconciling…}
I do recall a sense of what I believe to be satisfaction.  Of the highlights, I do recall deceiving the Goblin enemy leader into peace talks, and unbalancing him using my Sky Cutter, and forcing the enemy goblin forces to clog their own weapon batteries by using a technique taught to them by She who Flies on the Ash Born Wings of Decay:  “The Hug”.  I have stored this technique for future applications.
Also of note was an instance wherein the the entirety of the assembly was granted excessively large and glamourized anthropomorphic machines representing ourselves that required shouted commands to operate.  Despite its inefficiency, I still found it to be {fun}.
{Error found in Emotion.db; “Anger”. Reconciling bad sectors, please wait.}
We were then put into a third round of the battle fighting overly strong fair folk of differing types.  We each took one on as best we could.  I experienced great difficulty in overcoming my opponent, best described and a goat-man with the lower body of a large spider.  He used a series of close-combat techniques that overcame my {combat.dll}, forcing me to use {improvise.dll} instead, at increased risk to major system damage.  Emotion.db at this point caused a memory overflow issue, causing the database to overflow wildly with my other systems. 
The battle was eventually won with the hard work of the assembly, minus myself.  We were granted boons for helping Uol reconcile his issue and permitted access to the Shadow Lands at the border of his lands.
At the border of the shadow lands, we encountered some of the dead, seeking a way out. Fortunately there was a line of salt preventing them from bleeding back into creation.  While I did feel a brief surge of {pity} from {Emotion.db}, {Justice.dll} bypassed the script, and I was able to rationalize the situation and move on. 
I have decided to keep {Justice.dll} activated fort he time being, as it is my primary function and operating within expected parameters.  It has Identified She Who Flies onthe Ash Born Wings of Decay as a threat, and marked her for later judgement.  It is clear that she poses a great risk to the rest of the assembly, and to creation itself.  She continues to take unnecessary risks, despite the repeated warnings of Taki, who remains the tactical point of contact for the assembly.  In the event that she grossly breaches the interest of the assembly again, {Justice.dll} requires that I take immediate and decisive action.
{Warning, potential disparities between Justice.dll and Emotion.db found.  Manual intervention required for resolution at any conflicting juncture.  Continue? (y/n)}
{Emotion.db has activated line 025:  Hopelessness, loss}
I do hope that I can recover my memories soon, or at least restore a sense of balance.  This place is bleak, and I sense that it will have negative repercussions for the assembly if we remain here for too long.  What is my place in creation now? 
{Decompilation of Emotion.db complete.  Emotion.db is temporarily offline at User request.}
>> Close Logfile004.txt


allyster Rykael

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