A Little Piece of Home

Data log 1

Time stamp: {Unavailable}

{Log Online}
{System status: loading…}
{Memory system:  Damaged – Attempting repair…  Please wait.}
I live.
Multiple systems offline.  Primary weapons and defensive systems are online, as well as speech and language subroutinhes to primary cortex.
Considerable time has passed.  Everyone I knew is dead.  Creation is a very different and confusing place.  It is abundant with errors.  Gaps in memory are obfuscating matters further.
I have found a band of Exalted who are apparently responsible for reactivating me.  They are thieves, as I have identified many items belonging to others on their persons.  One is an {error}, apparently some sort of new Exalted.  the others have been identified and stored for furhter analysis when sufficient memory is available for analysis.
They are pursued, as now am I, possibly because they are thieves, but insufficient data to draw a conclusion.  I am accomplice to any crime the commit.  I will remain with this group until my systems are online and can make an informed decision as to what should be done next, and what my primary objective is.
We are currently atop a floating city.  We have been received by our host.  I must make inquiry into further details of current events.
Stand by for further information.


allyster Rykael

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