A Little Piece of Home

Data Log 3

>> Create Logfile003.txt

{Logfile opening… Please wait.}

I continue to gather data about my current situation. Creation is very different than it used to be. It is also exactly the same. From the events and memories I can recall, at any rate.

I can been reconciling the errors in Emotion.db to some success. I have interacted with the Fair Folk known as the Smiling Boy as a test of several emotional responses. I have identified mistrust, doubt, and dislike {REF: Hate} while interacting with him.

We were visited by Blessed Lotus, a Sidereal of undetermined power, who has asked that we make haste with an amulet owned by Yelin Green-and-Golden for a city made of a god, hidden from the world somewhere between here and the Underworld. I am unsure as to the exact reason this band has been instructed to do so, and I am {wary?} of blindly accepting what she asks, possibly due to old programming.

Some things never change after all.

I go forth now to ply my trade and make repairs to the cart, make it as efficient as possible.


allyster Rykael

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