A Little Piece of Home

Here at the End of All Things

Here he stood, here at the end of all things. His blade felt like an extension of his arm as the subtle essences flowed through his body into the ancient sword. The black sky showed the endless chaos of the universe in flux. The gods were never so close, yet so far away.

Basou Marou let his mind wander to that fateful day, the one step outside of Nexus that led himself and his friend Taki on the whirlwind adventure that brought them to this primordial city of words. He thought of Sorrel and how none had changed greater than he since the start of this journey. He thought of each of his companions in turn, weighing his place amongst this fateful group. He cared deeply for each of them, working past his own mind’s propaganda and realizing finally that at the core of it all, they were all the same. The power to change the world, to change creation, lay with each of them

His mind wandered back to the past and the Jade Circle, everything he remembered from his dreams and the man his spark used to be. Battle, war and conquest weren’t his soul’s goals anymore, not in this moment. Basou Marou felt only he desire to live through it all. He wanted to live, if for no other reason than to help the people.

They all had power and the City of Words taught him that mankind came close to living in harmony once. He wanted to use his power to make that dream happen, but not for the Solars. He realized the horrid oppression laid down by those who once thought themselves gods. He realized his arrogance towards Herron who was also blinded by his doctrine. He thought of the Dragon Blood oppression of their caste system and those held sway by it.

There had to be common men and women who wanted their freedom. Ash had broken free from her master because she wanted her freedom at any cost. His heart welled with respect for her. Even Dream was fighting for her world that once was, now no longer alone, her assembly and this city were all that was left of her older happiness. Basou Marou hoped he had least helped her realize that she could form new memories and still find happiness in this Age. Sword Surfing did that much for him at least.

Even Maladin, fighting for his crew. He had proven himself a most crafty one and Basou Marou was hoping that their time fighting side by side could be an olive branch that would allow the first step towards peace. Finally, he thought of poor Taki, fighting for his family that was now being consumed by death. He would live for him, if to only be brother and friend, to prove that no one’s ever truly alone in creation.

The baleful green glow of the hated green sun grew brighter at a painfully slow rate as the witch lights danced upon the water. There is where he focused all his anger and sadness. The sick, both mortal and ghost alike, the plague victims, the oppressed and corrupted temples of Creation, all of these things flashed through his mind. He knew where his blade must strike for good or for ill.

There was no time for regrets, he thought of Mieyo and the Master. He knew he could never undo the tantamount number of mistakes made in his life but he prayed to the Golden Sun for just this moment. He prayed to be the Light of Truth by which others could see. He wanted to forge his purpose. He wanted to shape Creation and finally give freedom to those who couldn’t defend themselves.

He thought of the people…and his soul filled with the light of Essence…


allyster Ziruas

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