Cathak Taki

More than just a sweet smile and pretty face.


A sweet seemingly demure youth that exalted into a twilight solar cast only little more than a year ago. His personality is a sweet and caring one, but due to his life before exaltation, he is also a realist who will not hesitate to tell it like it is. (Though he will apologize for being so blunt afterwards.)

Taki stands at 5’6 and has a lithe and flexible frame. His hair is naturally black/brown, (though he has dyed it blue to stay incognito.) and his eyes are a pretty shade of sky blue. He recently cut his long flowing hair and wears more tight fitting tops to no longer conceal gender. He knows he is good-looking but he is not vain about it at all. Secretly he feels that no one could ever like the ‘real him’, because all they see is the beauty on the outside but recently he has been proven wrong. He always wears long bell sleves to hide the burn scars on his wrists and forearms.

Taki tended to be a logical thinker. He often follows his head instead of his heart and it has led him to become innocent in matters of intimacy and emotional problems. Taki belives in ‘love’ but he used to think it was something he was never ment to experience outside the love he felt from his father.

He often gets ‘flashes’ from previous lives and the affects can linger.


Taki was born 23 years ago in the Realm. He is the son of Cathak Camran- A proud fire aspect Dragon blooded noble and the beautiful late Nellens Valdi Irena. His mother died in childbirth with him and he often laments on how he was never able to meet her. Taki is the youngest of four children. His two older brothers, Cathak Herren and Cathak Misho, (Both exalted fire dragon blood aspects) are from Cathak Camran’s first marriage. When she died, he married his true love, Irena afterwards. She was the only one he married for love and for once was truly happy. His third child, Cathak Serik, was the first child they had together. Serik was still young when Irena became pregnant with Taki and soon lost her life. Taki is the mirror image of his mother, and therefore, his father’s favorite. (Much to Serik’s distain).
He is also the great grandson of the leader of house Cathak, Cathak Cainan, whom is descended from the Empress herself. (So Taki may possibly be a prince. He refuses to admit he is one however.)

Taki grew up, protected by his father as if he were a sacred object. He gained the nickname, ‘little lotus’ from his overprotective father.

“A lotus is a fragile flower Taki. Your mother was a beautiful lotus and so are you. I’ll keep you safe.”

Serik exalted to a fire aspect dragon blood quickly, much to no one’s surprise. Taki, however, was not exalting. Camran sent Taki to only the best schools and recived numerous marrige offers as Taki grew. He turned all away, wanting to protect his precious flower from the world. Though he could not protect Taki from what he couldn’t see.

Serik had grown hateful of his little brother. He was father’s favorite but in Serik’s mind, had done nothing worthy of the title. He was a mortal. A pitiful unexalted weakling. He often took out his rage on Taki and scared him into keeping silent. Taki has numerous burn scars on his wrists from Serik but hid them all from his father’s view. Serik never left scars where his father would see.

Finaly, Camran gave in. Taki was getting older and Camran was fearful of his son’s short mortal lifespan. He was not ready to loose the image of his wife to old age or illness, so he decided Taki needed to be forced into exaltation. This proved to be the biggest mistake of his life. His baby was sheltered, not battle ready, but he pushed and got what he wanted. Taki exalted…but not into what he expected. His precious baby, his little Lotus had become an anathama. Unable to stike what he loved most in this world down, he made Taki run away and helped him get off the Realm. He loved his baby, but now this was all he could do for him.

How Taki exactly Exalted remains a mystery to some of the party. He has refused to go into the events that caused his exaltation with most. A selected few know.

He found his familiar Mandala, soon after fleeing the Realm. No one knows why the Ferret has chosen to follow and protect Taki, simply that he does. Mandala claims to have some ‘plan’ set in place but Taki never seems to pay that part much mind and any questions he has about the so called ‘plan’ is quickly disregarded by the ferret and the subject promptly changed. Taki found Basou Marou almost dead in the sand about a year ago. He healed the strange man back to perfect health and continued on his way to Nexus. There he was accosted by some bad men and saved by Basou Marou. Since then the two have become best friends and nearly inseparable. He had gained other friends along his way,Each with their own Unique quirks that only brings Taki closer to them.

Cathak Taki

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