Adi of Abalone

Adi is a young Zenith Caste traveling the Scavenger Lands, working in tandem with the Cult of the Illuminated to provide healing and succor to the downtrodden and destitute who have suffered under the corrupt rule of the DBs and their cronies. She is in Great Forks at the request of both a Sidereal friend of hers, who worries that the plague is a Deathlord plot to plunge the city into the Underworld.

She travels with a young outcaste Wood Aspect from Varangia, Rajik, who functions as her bodyguard and assistant. She also has a young son, Bright Arrow, who is about two years old and shows obvious signs of being a Golden Child. Adi is from the West and displays clear signs of her heritage, being curvy and golden-skinned, with long blonde-streaked sea-green hair and strangely light blue-green eyes (she gives the impression of being sun-bleached). She wears a veil to hide the caste mark on her forehead, which does not go away. She wears mostly sarongs under thick robes, as she is often cold in the Eastern Climate (no matter how warm it gets), and seems to have a gentle sort of sadness around her. Currently, she looks like she hasn’t slept in a week (she hasn’t) and is wearily attempting to help the sick.

An accomplished healer and priestess, Adi spends much of her time consoling the sick and the weak and is very hands-on. She is idealistic and tends to see the best in everyone, an issue that has caused her many scars over the past few years. She is also a high priestess, and is said to be blessed by the Unconquered Sun – there are also rumors as to the parentage of her child, though she is firm in saying he is her late husband’s son.

After the party found the guilty party spreading the disease through Great Forks, Adi remained behind to tie up loose ends. Her parting gifts to the party were a bag of blessed salt, medicine for their ills (a joint gift from A Balm To Soothe The Weeping), and a small bottle of celestial wine, to bribe their next host. She didn’t not mention where she would be heading, but offered her services in anything, should be party need her help in the future.

Adi of Abalone

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