Sagacious Jade

Sagacious Jade is not your typical Twilight Caste. He is a baboon-man, a runaway of the blood of Raksi somewhere along the generations, who would have spent his time doing nothing more than cleaning the library where he lived and worked at the whim of the Queen of Fangs.

Then, he Exalted. His Exaltation was one of the few left out of the Jade Prison, and he felt the memories keenly, despite how masterfully they were pruned. Raksi, of course, was none too pleased with this turn of events, and only on the urgings of her more conservative brethren did she even allow him to leave. Jade managed to pilfer a few select tomes from the libraries, and left the City of a Thousand Golden Delights without regret.

Now an accomplished sorcerer and artificer, Jade lives a quiet, hermetic life, made simpler by his discovery and subsequent repair of a crashed Air manse. A few simple tweaks and he’d managed to anchor it to a nearby demesne, allowing it to float up once again and become a palace of solitude. He rarely allows guests, though he now has a pupil and apprentice under his reluctant charge: Yelin, Green-and-Golden, a No Moon Lunar. His constant companion is Fao Min, the lesser Elemental Dragon of Air that made the manse his home in the First Age; now returned to its former glory thanks to Jade, Fao Min is more than happy to guide and protect the manse in return for the hospitality of Jade’s table.

Jade is irritable and testy, never smiling and often annoyed. He spends much of his time reading and experimenting, venturing into civilization only with a disguise and only in emergencies. He is well aware that he is not the nicest person, and in fact acts this way on purpose, to keep others away and give him peace. However, he is not made of stone, and if one stands up to his insults and biting humor with good graces, they may even find him an interesting and knowledgeable companion. Most often, he likes to stick with the underdog, and will often champion a very, very bad idea just because everyone else disagrees.

He is over 500 years old, and sometimes acts like a crotchety old grandpa.

Sagacious jade

Sagacious Jade

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